In Case You Missed It – Week of October 3 – October 9, 2016

Greetings, one and all! This is IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. I am your humble host, <REDACTED>, and I’m here to provide you the rundown of last week’s breaking news. Now, let’s charge right into the thick of it.

In Case You Missed It, Beyond Good and Evil…

…Might finally get a sequel. Over on Instagram, the creator of Beyond Good and Evil, Michel Ancel, leaked some art week before last. BUT he also posted another piece that not only confirms that BG&E2 is in pre-production but that there will be some new characters. Let’s just hope that they resolve that little cliffhanger ending.

I... do not know who this is.
I… do not know who this is.

In Case You Needed Some CS:GO Flavored Salt…

Prepare your shakers, cause they might be overflowing by now. In the CounterStrike series, players were able to lay down a spray (a picture or design to show dominance/meme up games), but this feature was removed in CS:GO – the latest and currently most popular one. Valve heard the cries of the masses and brought back the sprays last week, but they have to be purchased from loot boxes and from the Steam Marketplace. This has had two main effects on the community. The first is that people are furious that another microtransaction was added to the game after the massive gambling scandal CS:GO is still getting over. The second is that many players are finding issues with the sprays in-game where some sprays block windows and fake-out opponents. Fun times, fun times…

In Case You Wanted to Beat the Super Mario Bros. Record…

Get in line. All last week, the speedrun record for the original NES Super Mario Bros. kept getting broken, unbroken, and broken again. Back on October 3, a player named Kosmic supposedly broke the record by a fraction of a second, but this was later amended to a tie due to lag. Well, less than a week afterwards, another player named Darbian managed to break the world record by less than a second. This is how intense the world of speedrunning is, and it certainly is an art.

In Case You Missed…Chinese Translations?

Endless Legend is a 4x fantasy/scifi strategy series that has plenty of avid fans. Before last week, Chinese fans were able to download a mod that would provide a Chinese translation for the game. Unfortunately, the mod was taken down by the devs due to the mod linking to an illegal download of an earlier download of the game. That’s a bit of a problem, as you might have guessed. Chinese fans were miffed, and they took out their rage on the game’s Steam review spot. This dropped the game from a Very Positive to a Mixed, which is definitely a bit of a pain on the developers’ end. The flood of negative reviews brought about another wave of positive responses from fans. Right now, it is back to Very Positive.

And that’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed this edition of In Case You Missed It, so stick around for next week’s!

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