New Booster Pack, "Fire and Water" hitting Orcs Must Die

The popular orc beat ’em up Steam game, Orcs Must Die, just got some love from the Robot Entertainment Crew. The brand new Fire and Water booster packs give players new levels  to play on and new traps to lay down on unsuspecting orcs.

The pack comes with three new levels in total, which can be played in a single-player or co-op fashion, and it also comes with new endless modes for your pleasure. So, now all of them 20-some-odd different types of orcs have more to fear than fear itself, especially considering all of the new traps.

Other additions to the game include new traps for War Mages: Web Spinners, Ceiling Darts and Floor Portal. Web Spinners are meant to be deployed in hallways full of orcs, slowing down their travel and buying you time. Ceiling Darts are pretty self explanatory as they shoot darts every which way from their position…on the ceiling. Finally, there’s the Floor Portal which will teleport your foes back to the beginning of the level. Pretty simple and straightforward, all things considered.

Get your wallets because this Fire and Water booster pack is now available for the low, low price of $4.99. Happy hunting.

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