Battle Giant Monsters in Prey for the Gods

Prey for the Gods

If you loved Shadow of the Colossus for its mythology, its art or its game-play chances are you will we interested in checking out Prey for the Gods.

The team at No Matter Studios initially launched a reveal trailer in October of 2015, players saw some of the world in Prey for the Gods as well as a giant humanoid pig-like monster. The trailer featured the protagonist dodging, fighting and climbing the back of the beast in order to defeat it. On July 6th a new trailer was released that featured more monsters and more territories for exploration.

Prey for the Gods

A Kickstarter campaign has been released to fund the game, it’s looking for a contribution of $300,00. This goal will give the game a PC release and 5 fight-able monsters. However, at $600,000 mark the game will be launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. After the console release goal has been met players will  get new bosses and more challenging game play.

The story No Matter Studios has recreated looks rich and engaging, it features a world that is on the brink of dying. A lone hero is sent to a mysterious land to find the source of  a never-ending winter. It’s been noted by the developers the game will hope to be a cross between Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex and Bloodborne with a fast paced and action oriented play style.

Prey for the Gods

The Kickstarter page is active now and continues until the 6th of August. If you can spare it show your support so we can tread into a snowy wasteland to battle Behemoths at the end of the world.

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