Talon Trueblood

Talon (being the coolest name on the block) writes for games, Plays for games,and ignores the outside world for games. He wants to find the secret of the universe and generally is one decent looking 18 year old.

Quick Uploads Land with Mobile-Gaming-to-Video Integration from Google

Mobile gaming may seem a little easier with Google’s newly revealed integration of YouTube and games, leaving the big question for us gamers being only “why does it matter?”.

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Five Video Games That Bring Back Childhood Memories | Fanatical Five

Here is a top five games list for titles that bring you back the childhood you remember.

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Moving Hazard – A Zombie Game From One of the Minds Behind Red Dead Redemption and Manhunt

That’s right we’ve got another zombie game on our hands. The designer/writer, Christian Cantamessa, known for Red Dead: Redemption and Manhunt has once again popped up for …

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PlayStation VR Releases This Fall, Costs $399

We finally have a price for the long-awaited PlayStation VR. At GDC yesterday, Sony announced that the unit will be $399. 

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