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Nintendo NX Controller Rumors Revealed As Fake

As reported by IGN, controllers reported to be part of Nintendo’s upcoming NX console have been revealed as hoaxes.

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Nintendo Denies Ending Wii U Production After Nikkei Rumor

Japanese newspaper Nikkei published a rumor this morning that the Wii U will soon be ceasing production to make way for the upcoming NX. Nintendo is now denying that rumor.

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Until Dawn trailer

The Interactive Movie Genre: When Do Games Stop Being Games?

What defines a video game and when do you transition from a great narrative with enjoyable gameplay to a mere interactive movie? After having recently completed Until Dawn, it feels more like the latter.

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Sony Closes Evolution Studios, Developer Behind MotorStorm & DriveClub

Sony has shut down Evolution Studios, the developer behind franchises such as MotorStorm and DriveClub.

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$400 PlayStation VR Core Pre-Orders Start March 29th

As reported by IGN, PlayStation will now allow customers to pre-order its $400/$550 CAD PlayStation VR core model starting at 7 AM PST on March 29th.

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One Trick Pony: The Issue of a Gimmick in Paper Mario Sticker Star

What happens when gimmicks get taken too far in games?

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star fox zero

Nintendo’s Official UK Store Begins Star Fox Zero Pre Orders

Star Fox Zero is going to be released in a little over a month on the Wii U after a delay back in September of 2015. As reported by Nintendo Life, Nintendo’s UK store has unveiled new pre-order options on their store.

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EA Registers “Javelin” Trademark, What Could it Be?

As reported by gameranx, EA has registered a trademark and domains for a project titled Javelin. In several screenshots below, EA filed a wordmark with Europe’s …

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