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PlayStation 4 exclusives

Five Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

There’s a raft of PlayStation 4 exclusives coming in 2016, and these are the five most exciting games to be included in that prestigious line-up.

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Xbox One Exclusives

Five Most Exciting Xbox One Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

It looks like Microsoft’s going to have a bumper year in 2016, especially if these five Xbox One exclusives are anything to go by.

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the mean greens

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare Review | The Forgettable Toybox

In a world brimming with multiplayer online shooters, The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare struggles to stand out.

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just cause 3

Just Cause 3’s Sandbox Nature is Hindered by Challenges | Fanatical Take

While Just Cause 3 may have a rich sandbox to play around in, it’s challenge system doles out upgrades in the most tired of fashions.

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Grim Dawn, preview, artwork

Grim Dawn Is an Action RPG to Watch in 2016

Grim Dawn is finally creeping its way out of Steam’s Early Access program and by gosh, does it look special.

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Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne Review | Puts The Rad in Radiation

Nuclear Throne takes the end of the world and wraps it up in a package more fun than licking a fuel rod.

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Five Most Exciting PC Exclusives Coming in 2016

Five Most Exciting PC Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

As 2016 peeks over the horizon and slowly crawls into the light, these are five of the most hotly anticipated PC exclusives coming with it.

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decision paralysis

Is Decision Paralysis Really The Problem? | Fanatical Take

Decision paralysis has grown with the breadth of our gaming experiences, but it isn’t really all that unwelcome?

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