Apple Watch Device Sees First Title: iArm Wrestling Champs

iArm Wrestling Champs is a game, as you might guess, about arm wrestling. It uses various sensors inside your phone, and now watch, to determine who has won an arm wrestle. The winner is then rewarded with a sound. It’s as simple as that.

While it might not be the most interesting game, and is infact fairly pointless as most people can determine who won an arm wrestle it’s an interesting usage of a smartwatch and shows the potential for what developers could do in the future with Smartwatches whether they are an Apple Watch or run Android Wear or perhaps something else as companies like Microsoft have not shown their hand.


You can download the app for your phone today but the Apple Watch, which was announced yesterday along with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. While it doesn’t appear to be very powerful on it’s own, it can run apps on your iPhone itself, thus saving battery on the Watch and giving it more power and potential due to the much larger size of the phone,

The watch version of the app is going to be available when the Apple Watch releases early next year. it will also be available for Android Wear with no sign for anything like Pebble, Tizen or Sony Smartwatch OS‘s. You can download phone (Android and iOS) versions today. The app is available free of charge, with ads so if you wish to give it a go with your phone then head over to the App Store and download iArm Wrestle Champs.

Do you want to see developers do more games like this or do you think this is a pointless platform to spend time and money on? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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