Anarchy Reigns Returns to the Spotlight

It’s been around four month’s since we’ve seen any footage of Anarchy Reigns. And without skipping a beat they’ve returned to the spotlight with some gameplay footage and cut scenes that are not only hilarious but quite flashy as well. Anarchy Reigns embodies Platinum Games mindset on the classic genre of ‘B Movies’ in my opinion. You know the type of movies that are extremely over the top but don’t take themselves seriously, and often make fun of the characters involved in the script.

Some video game equivalents of this would be Bayonetta, Vanquish, and of course the over the top MadWorld game on the Nintendo Wii. Platinum Games have found a niche in creating games like this and they are clearly sticking to it. When you watch the banter between The Black Baron and Jack Cayman its almost clear that these type of interactions, will be common in the game and will most likely result in a bare knuckle brawl.

There still isn’t any concrete evidence of what the main plot will be for Anarchy Reigns, but I’m sure it will most likely be funny and over the top, if this cut scene is a simply a taste of what’s to come, then I am hungry for more.

Japanese Demo: Black Side Intro Cinema

Japanese Demo: Black Side Gameplay

Japanese Demo: Black Side End Cinema

Source: GameTrailers

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