Anarchy Reigns: Durga Character Trailer

Anarchy Reigns is the fourth action-adventure game coming from PlatinumGames, for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. PlatinumGames has made a lot of great games in my opinion; but they tend to get overlooked because of the more popular FPS bug that has been going around lately. That however hasn’t stopped Devil May Cry’s original creator Hideki Kamiya from continuing to make over the top hack and slash games, or his first attempt at a Third-Person Shooter with Vanquish. All of the games Kamiya seems to make are well put together although the stories in each of them tend to be over the top like that of Bayonetta. Story aside, Kamiya is an expert when it comes to designing gameplay and what feels and looks right. Anarchy Reigns is shaping up to be the must have action-adventure game in January 2012. If experience tells me anything the game will play extremely smooth but the story will be somewhat hard to believe.  All-in-all I am very excited about this new game coming from his studio.

The trailer below contains a detailing the character Durga whose half machine and half human.

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