AMD’s Southern Island GPU’s on the Horizon

A storm is brewing at AMD.  AMD’s Southern Island graphics cards details have been leaked through the newest Catalyst Driver Software (Catalyst Driver 11.6a). According to the chart below AMD is looking forward to its new series of graphics cards; mainly its new flagship card code named ‘NewZealand’. This card is a dual GPU card similar to the current Radeon HD6990, which means when this card is released it will be power hungry and incredibly powerful. The chart below gives you an entire breakdown of which cards will be replacing their predecessor. For convenience, I’ve went ahead and bulleted what’s being replaced by the new Southern Island cards.

High End (Dual GPU)

  • New Zealand HD7990 will replace HD6990

High End (Single GPU)

  • Tahiti XT HD7970 will replace the HD6970
  • Tahiti Pro HD7950 will replace the HD6950
  • Thames XT HD7870  will replace the HD6870
  • Thames Pro HD7850 will replace the HD6850

Mid-Range (Single GPU)

  • Thames LE HD7790 will replace the HD6790

Low-End (Single GPU)

  • Lombok XT HD7670 will replace the HD6670
  • Lombok Pro HD7570 will replace the HD6570

There still aren’t any details regarding Clock Speeds and GPU models, but that should be detailed within the coming months from AMD, seeing how the cards are planned on being released by Q4 2011.

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