Amazon Unveils FireTV, An All-In-One Set-Top Box

As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has seen a lot of set-top boxes come and go. They’ve seen what consumers like most, and are utilizing that knowledge in their own box, the Amazon FireTV. Revealed today in a movie theatre themed press conference, the FireTV is a unique all-in-one box. It streams video, music and video games, multitasking, has integrated voice search, and with specs that Amazon are calling the best among a product of its kind. They dropped quite a few bombshells at the conference, such as the price ($99) and release date (right now.)

The box itself is sleek, modern and very compact. Inside, it sports a quad core CPU, 2 GBs of RAM, a dedicated GPU, and a dual band wireless radio with two antennae. Amazon says the box is three times more powerful than its competitors.

On the gaming side of things, Amazon demoed Minecraft, Asphault 8: Airborne, a runner based on Monsters University, a tower defense shooter being developed by Amazon Studios, and the coolest dinosaur game ever. Other developers confirmed to have partnerships lined up include Double Fine, 2K Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney, Sega and Telltale Games. The average price of a game will be $1.85, with many free to play games.


A dedicated gaming controller was announced as well, will cost $39.99 and come with 1000 Amazon Coins, or $10 redeemable through Amazon’s app store.

Other partnerships include Netflix, Hulu, MLB.TV, WWE Network, iTunes Radio and Pandora. A Twitch app was also spotted at the event. There’s a lot more to cover about the FireTV, so stay tuned to The Game Fanatics as we learn more.

{Image Credit: The Verge}

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