Meet the Cast of Alien: Covenant Before Today’s Teaser

Just a couple of months away from release, an Alien: Covenant crew photo was revealed today with many known faces joining Michael Fassbender. The film releases on May 19th and it is the first installment of a trilogy that will connect Prometheus’ story with the original Alien. A special teaser will air after the February 22nd episode of Legion on FX.

Directed by Alien‘s Ridley Scott, the film promises to serve as a nexus that fills in the gaps in the story by providing proper background on the creature’s origins. The first link between both films will be David, the synthetic survivor from Prometheus, played by Fassbender and found by Covenant’s crew on the forgotten planet.

Welcome the Covenant’s Crew

In between the crew appears James Franco, always close to Danny McBride
In between the crew appears James Franco, always close to Danny McBride

The Covenant’s crew carries many surprises, James Franco being one of them. From left to right, the crew’s composed by: Katherine Waterston, Amy Seimetz, Tess Haubrich, Alexander England, Nathaniel Dean, Demián Bichir, James Franco, Danny McBride, Uli Latukefu, Benjamin Rigby, Callie Hernandez, Jussie Smollett, Carmen Ejogo, Billy Crudup, and Michael Fassbender.

Despite including the comic due of Franco-McBride, Danny McBride had clarified last year that Alien: Covenant‘s script is quite dark and doesn’t include comic relief at all. If original Alien fans still have any doubts about that statement, take a look at Alien: Covenant‘s previous trailer and don’t forget to watch tomorrow’s teaser on FX.

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