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Ridiculous weapons in video games are nothing new, and some of the best ones even have a function beyond looking completely goofy. Coming in without practicality or much design sense, here are my five most ridiculous examples of video game weaponry.

The Fat Man (Fallout 3)


Wandering around the Wasteland for hours is already dangerous, what with fighting off Super Mutants and popping Rad-Away every couple of minutes thanks to all of the radiation exposure your character receives. Now, let’s add a mini nuke launcher in to the mix of things. Realistically, when you shoot a nuke from a Fat Man, the blast radius is incredibly small for what a Nuke would actually do. And why would you want to shoot a nuke so close to yourself!? Also, it would be incredibly hard to create a mini-nuke the same size that we see in Fallout 3.  However, this is video game logic and it’s definitely my favorite weapon to use in Fallout 3, no matter how perfect it is a showpiece of all ridiculous weapons in video games.

The Water Pistol (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)


Metal Gear Solid V is the latest in the series and has an amazing assortment of weapons to choose from, including a Water Pistol. At first glance, this toy seems to be pretty useless. However, the Water Pistol actually has a purpose in the game. When the player sneaks up this toy gun out on an enemy, he will surrender because they believe it to be a real pistol. The player can also squirt water into the enemy’s eyes and as a result it will stun him. And lastly you can use the Water Pistol to disable electronics. Nonetheless, ridiculous weapons in video games come in almost every entry of this series and shows the classic humor of Hideo Kojima.

The Cow Launcher (South Park)


It’s no surprise that a “weapon” from a South Park game would make it on this list. The Cow Launcher from the N64 South Park game is crude and hilarious, just like everything else from the wildly inappropriate comedy. As the name implies, a cow is launched from this weapon and the cow will explode…unless you actually hit the person you are trying to shoot. If the cow makes contact with a person, the person’s head will, um, become stuck in an unpleasant orifice. That being said, it’s a great weapon to use against the bosses in the game. It’s so over the top that it’ll make any eight year old laugh. Ah, the memories.

The Hand Cannon (Dead Space 2)


When you hear about a Hand Cannon, you immediately think of a bad-ass revolver. Well in this case, it’s a foam finger. All those long hours of using inanimate objects as pretend weapons when we were kids has finally paid off! The Hand Cannon is a reward for beating the Dead Space 2 on hard mode, and serves as one of the most family friendly ridiculous weapons in video games. The foam finger shoots invisible bullets that will make the enemy explode. The best part about this ridiculous weapon is that Isaac makes the sound effects. It’s worth beating the game on hard mode so that you can hear him say “bang, bang, bang” and “pew, pew, pew”.

Logarius’ Wheel (Bloodborne)

Logarius's Wheel

Bloodborne is all about over the top weapons that shred through enemies and splatter their blood all over the place. In a game where the character’s main priority is to kill enemies, it’s to be expected to have great weapons. Logarius’ Wheel is not that. It is just a normal wagon wheel that is reinforced with steel in it’s regular form. The player swings the wheel at enemies and it somehow kills them just as effectively as a sword would. Thankfully we have video game logic and the use of magic to explain why a wagon wheel would be an effective weapon.

Well there you have it! What other ridiculous weapons can you think of that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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