24 Hour Dash: Sniper Elite V2 Free On Steam

Until 1 p.m. EST or 10 a.m. PST tomorrow, Sniper Elite V2 will be available to download for free on Steam.

This isn’t a temporary download. It is yours to keep. In Rebellion’s blog they explain why they are giving away their game for free. They say that Sniper Elite V2 has exceeded all sales expectations but they want to renew the servers with fresh players in order to drum up anticipation for Sniper Elite 3, which is scheduled for launch soon. Creative Director, Jason Kingsley, recognizes that ‘players are more important than money’. He wants players to remain active for years. Not just during launch week.

Those who have already purchased the game are sadly not going to be getting anything extra. Rebellion hates to do that, but the idea was just recently struck with Steam and there was no time to do anything special for current players.

The offer is only available on Steam. Meaning Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 downloads of Sniper Elite V2 will remain their same price.

Rebellion says they aren’t sure about future promotions for their other games. They want to monitor how this works out and see if it is a viable option for the future.

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