New DLC for Sniper Elite V2 Gives New Map and Game Mode

Rebellion‘s Sniper Elite V2 receives a new map and game mode starting today, October 18, 2012.

Today’s new DLC includes Neudorf Outpost map, which was formally a paid for single player map in last months DLC, and a new game mode for single-players, Dog Tag Harvest and multi-player, Team Dog Tag Harvest. This new DLC pack is available for free to all players on PC.

Along with the free DLC, Rebellion is also offering another DLC pack called, “The Landwehr Canal Pack.” Landwehr Canal Pack provides a new single-player mission and three brand new weapons. The new mission gives players the task of taking out three German generals while they meet up in nighttime Berlin. Sniper Elite‘s newest single-player mission will test the players skill, strategic skills, and ingenuity in order to successfully complete the mission. The three new guns included in “The Landwehr Canal Pack” are two new sniper rifles, the Lee Enfield Mk. III and The Japanese Type 99, with the third being a close range weapon, the MP44 SMG.

Both free DLC packs are now available for PC. The Landwehr Canal Pack is available for $2.99.


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