100,000 Likes Could Make TimeSplitters 4 Happen

  • neokajima

    LOL! this is why I stick my my N64.

  • Elyn Patchman

    crytek did say that the pc and console versions wont be much different visually

  • Elinor Tuten

    what do you like most about facebook and y do you go on it for?
    everyone goes on about it whats the big deal??

  • Christy

    Who is better in terms of graphcis ? If both were making a similar game for PS3 which dev would have the superior graphics engine ?

  • Goe122

    i do know how to setup proximity triggers, ai behaviours, sounds, forbidden areas, enviroments and more

  • simply complicated

    im talking about what has better looking graphics and what runs smoother.

  • Jon P

    Crytek has been dealing with pc boosters,cheaters, and hackers. I was wandering since I am level 33 first prestige because my tooled up trophy glitched. With the new map pack coming, is there a chance they’ll derank me even if I stop now since I have boosted quite a bit.
    Please answer and thanks

  • altair

    my boyfriend recently made a profile on facebook.com and he is talking with girls from that site whom he calls old friends. i know his password and i logged on this morning. i found out that he has given them his msn address and asked them to meet in person. he has also told them about me but still they were like more than friends. the girls call him honey, darling, etc. i am very angry at the moment. i want to break up with him. what should i do?

  • sakyue1993

    Crytek said they would release a crysis 2 demo on psn last year september but its not there when is crysis 2 coming out for ps3?

  • Sir fliesalot

    Hey, where can i learn to do the following script?
    I like to learn how to make a menu that is different when the mouse pointer is above the button, selected the button and not selected.

    I know how to do it in flash and so on, but how do you do it in HTML?

    Menus like “Apple.com” or “Crytek.com”

  • llb443

    I’ve read that Crysis Warhead’s graphics engine will be optimized to be able to run on average gaming computers. I was wondering if Crytek is updating the original Crysis to have this feature as well. Thanks

  • Joey 01

    I mean my pc system is high end. It has two 9800 GTX s black edition from xfx and an intel core 2 extreme kenstsfeild. And all crysis seems to do is deny its power by giving me only 16 FPS on 1680 by 1050 on very high. Is it using nvidia professional graphics or ati. Or did they render it with there own graphics. Oh how long till we be able to play the game on over 100 FPS.

  • nasty1

    I am trying to link to the following web address for a wikia wiki:


    Since the website address has brackets in it, wikia won’t link to it correctly. Does anyone know how to make this work?

  • clntvrrt

    Say I have the education needed, where do I start if I wanna work at companies like Infinity Ward, Bungie, Crytek etc.? Every company demands at least 3 years of experience in game programming. If they do that, where can I start?

    Best, detailed answer gets 10 points. 🙂


    Crysis Warhead came about 1 year after the first one, now we are in 2009 and still we haven’t got any information on Crysis 3 not even a bit of info from crytek or EA, any clues or info?