Full Circle Podcast Episode 33: Geek Jargon, Tumblr’s in Trouble, & The Game Awards Recap

This week we have a whole new set of words for Geek Jargon, recap The Game Awards and discuss what is happening over at Tumblr.

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Fanatical Culture | Top tumblr Gaming Blogs You Need to Follow

There’s no denying it, Tumblr is huge. From cool screenshots to gifs, you can scroll through hours of great stuff. Here’s our list of top tumblr gaming blogs.

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Steam Tag, You're It: Valve Launches New Discovery System

On Wednesday, Valve launched a new feature on Steam that allows users to “tag” games, as a way of driving a new game recommendation engine. …

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Helloooo beautiful people (I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so I’m dropping the details early): In preparation for my 2 year blog anniversary/blog birthday/whatever you want …

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10 Tumblr Blogs Every Gamer Should Follow

Ah Tumblr, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform. From pictures to audio, and embedded video, Tumblr has really become a  great source to find a lot of cool things, …

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Game Fanatics React to Assassin's Creed 3 News [Tumblr]

We love hearing the reactions of our readers, be it via comments, tweets, or one of our latest outlets, Tumblr replies and questions. We put …

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Great news Uncharted fans, The Game Fanatics and a little blog I like to call “F#$!YEAHUNCHARTED,” have teamed up to bring you the latest and …

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