10 New Halo 4 Screenshots

  • Muser

    Great news!

  • Melissa Nason

    How do i deal with a bungie employee? How do they give you the recon armor? Thanks!

  • Tia Zuehlke

    TRILOGY! doesnt that mean 3? So how can they just throw in a halo 4 like that. Dont carry up attain lead to thats not aspect of 1 2 and 3. So can somebody describe to me whats likely on?

  • Heidi Cabrera

    I’ve heard arguments from equally sides.I played CoD 4 online very a bit, and defeat its campaign on Hard. I received to level 57 very first status legitimately on MW2, and beat its marketing campaign on veteran . I received to captain grade 3 in halo 3, and defeat int on Legendary. I am a commander quality 3 in Halo: Reach, and I also defeat it on Legendary. I have played Black Ops, and am in process of beating the campaign.

    I favor Halo. I prefer every little thing in Halo to CoD. Both game titles have superb campaign modes. I desire Halo’s. You truly get to do a thing apart from running around, and killing everyone with one shot. CoD’s marketing campaign is too easy. Veteran did not seem as considerably of a challenge as it really should have been. And no co-op. What Is up wit’ dat?! Halo has independence in it, there are tons of minor easter eggs in the marketing campaign of each and every one. Also, you get to do all varieties of stuff. like pilot a spaceship, a plane, generate about a tank, or function a MAC cannon. Halo has 4 participant co-op (with lag, regrettably if played over LIVE), and firefight, which can be played with up to 4 players.

    Then CoD has Nazi Zombies. There’s no denying the exciting here. It Can Be the only explanation anybody every played WaW, and I know some men and women who only play Black Ops for it. Halo has infection. Humans versus zombies. Custom Made gametypes and maps (which CoD isn’t going to have) can make this gametype ridiculously fun.

    Custom content material is some thing that CoD just hardly got. and they went with the minimum amount of what you could call custom made content. Movie clips, and screenshots. Practically Nothing else, except if you rely the customization. Halo has custom maps, custom made gametypes for multiplayer and firefight, it has forge which brings competitive maps, maps for purely acquiring fun, mini games, races, and superb aesthetic maps. This is in which Halo shines. It also has screenshots, which can be set up with particular FX filters in forge to make some amazing seeking pictures, and film clips.

    The position methods are an additional debate. CoD has a straightforward system: generate dollars and xp in games, and use it to degree up and get guns, attachments, player clothing, emblems etc. But you will find 1 difficulty with that: Gamers who perform more, instantly have an advantage, regardless of their skill level, even though a new participant who could be a lot much better than them, has even worse guns, and as a result is not capable to do as well. Halo just rewards the participant with Credits to rank up and to get new armor. No bought advantages.

    Then there is the online multiplayer itself, what most players tend to spend the most attention to. this aspect I will emphasis on Black Ops, and Reach. I admit that Get To isn’t going to arrive with a total whole lot of maps, and some of them aren’t really good. CoD, on the other hand, has an abundance of maps. But they are all horrible. Terrible spawning, spawn camping out the butt, camping in standard out of each orifice you can assume of. They are just so unbalanced it can be ridiculous. And taking part in with 10 players on Nuketown is a horrible idea. Horrible. Also, they set a really small sum of energy in the graphics of this game. Seem at a wall, and it looks like a pixelated garbage. Reach’s maps for the most portion are at minimum balanced. Various maps set up for different gametypes specifically.
    Halo truly is a honest challenge in multiplayer. Everyone starts with the exact same thing. If you want a good weapon, you have to perform for it. Then there is certainly map control. In Reach, if your team wants to be successful, you have to manage the map. This just isn’t easy.
    Also, sniping. in CoD, it is WAY to simple to snipe. A lot of times, you can not even be aiming directly at someone, but you can nevertheless kill them. Halo, it is two entire body shots, with about a second and a fifty percent amongst possible shots, or 1 headshot to eliminate someone. It is really tough to get a headshot with a sniper, as there is a really big margin of error.
    Killstreak rewards are a terrible idea. If an enemy is doing well, he instantly will get to do better. 1 of the most unfair things in a game’s multiplayer.

    Halo is greater than CoD, simply because it is much more balanced, and fun, and has a a lot greater replay value.. This is my opinion. What’s yours?

  • Patty Guest

    How lengthy does it typically get to turn out to be a Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9) in the Navy?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    How do you submit maps to bungie for community big team battle in Halo Reach?

  • turg143

    I am wondering if Bungie is going to be making any new games after leaving Microsoft.

  • kewlflame14

    All of the die hard Bungie nerds are saying their not getting Halo 4 because its like call of duty. Because Halo 4 going to have sprint without a abilitie. That would make it a lot better. Don’t people who play Halo hate Call of Duty because its the same thing over again. People are asking for the same thing in Halo 4.

  • Gundown64

    Do you think 343 can pull off making a good halo game just like bungie? Or do you think it will be an epic fail?

  • Ryan Z

    Both Halo and Call of Duty are great games but me and my a friends are debating which game is going to do better. I think it would be BO2 since it’s coming out on 3 systems as oppose to one with halo 4 bur I think these game may be evenly matched when they come out. What are your guys opinion?

  • Krazy Bob

    as most halo fans know, halo is now being created by 343 industries. I know they were recentley established by microsoft but i want to know is if what i heard about them is true. I heard somewhere on the web dont exactly remember that 343 is actually a group of people from bungie that didn’t want to stop the halo series. What i want to know if this is true and if it will affect the classic gameplay that i love from halo

  • Jason M

    On the Joystiq article that came out today, the article contained this paragraph: “The Halo: Combat Evolved update, one of two Halo games currently in development under the watchful eye of 343 Industries, is expected to support 1080p resolution and 3D televisions. Details on multiplayer are supposedly still being worked out, but we understand the remake will likely feature online co-op (the original game supported two-player split-screen co-op).” When it says 343 Studios is developing 2 Halo games right now, what’s the other one? (this was released Feb. 4th at 9am, they aren’t referencing Reach)

  • Lucas H

    im a pretty big Halo fan, and i know that 343 industries are making the next halo game, but what is bungie going to make?

  • Larry R

    i want to write to 343 industries the peeple who are making the new halos. i wanna write them and tell them some ideas i have. for example,

    forge our own firefight maps
    be able to pick up jackal shields
    able to remove a hunters assault cannon and use like a turret
    bring the gametype VIP back
    and a feature so we can modify/fuse vehicles and use them on custom games.

    and some other things. please if we all write to them maybe theyll listen.

    my gamertag is Golden Ooz4ru

  • JimT

    I know that 343 industries is going to be head of the next Halo game after Halo Reach, but what will the game be called and what is it about.

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Just wanted to know. no PREQUEL. I mean they did leave it open.

  • homerliveshere

    I know 343 industires alraedy does alot in the halo stuff I also know halo reach is bungie’s last game for halo(so ive heard). so is 343 industries taking over making the next halo games or does it just end at the Halo reach. I really hope there are more halo games. thx

  • Myles

    343 industries is working on Halo 4. Any contact information on other companies working with 343i is helpful too!

  • Oilers

    I am 13 and i want to work with microsoft in 343 industries. I was wondering how old i saw that you could be 16 to work there but is that the youngest age?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    Ok, so I made a really sweet idea for an Armor Ability designed in Halo 4 or future Halo titles and I need to find out how I can express this in writing to the team at 343i.