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Google’s Android TV Controller Sure is a Controller

by Alex Androskion July 2, 2014
At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google announced Android TV, the successor to their ill-fated Google TV, and positioned similarly to Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV, including the ability to play games.

MOGA To Introduce Its Latest Game-Changing Controller Series At E3

by William Harmonon June 10, 2013
MOGA is boasting that it is going to unveil a device that will change the face of mobile gaming. With what they are calling “The new standard for mobile gaming controllers”, MOGA is hoping to get some hype behind their product before E3 next week.


Yet Another PS4 Controller Picture Surfaces

by Charles Powerson February 15, 2013
Yesterday, Darrin brought you our first look at what could be the new PlayStation 4 controller. Today, we’ve got another picture for you.


Prototype PS4 Controller Revealed Online

by Darrin Wrighton February 14, 2013
The PS4 is one step closer to a reality after a photo of a prototype controller for the new console has shown up online. 

RUMOR: Sony To Ditch Dualshock For PS4?

by Darrin Wrighton January 21, 2013
Sony’s next console, the PS4, may be leaving behind a controller design that they’ve used for the past three generations. 

MOGA PRO Controller

CES 2013 | Pro Controller Introduced for MOGA Mobile Gaming System

by Michelle Quillenon January 7, 2013
Console gamers will be happy to know that playing games on their phone has just been made easier, thanks to MOGA’s addition of a new Pro Controller to their Mobile Gaming System peripherals.

Steam's Big Picture Mode

Steam’s Big Picture Mode Now Active

by Darrin Wrighton December 7, 2012
Steam fans that want to play on an even bigger screen now can.

FPS Freek Havoc Now Available From KontrolFreek

by Logan Myeron October 24, 2012
KontrolFreek has released the FPS Freek Havoc gaming accessory in honor of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


New Wii U Pro Controller Looks Familiar

by Jeff Smithon October 16, 2012
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For the SNES, flattery is almost routine. For example, this pretty awesome Wii U Pro Controller.

SteelSeries Adds Mobile Controller, Flux Headset To Its Lineup

by Jake Valentineon October 2, 2012
Mobile gaming has changed. We’re not just bringing our portables on the bus or train anymore; we’re playing on our phones. SteelSeries recognizes this and has introduced a new controller and headset with mobile gaming in mind.

wikipad 03

PAX Prime 2012 | The Wikipad Tablet Aims High

by Ben Runningson September 6, 2012
In a meeting room blocks away from the rest of PAX, we were shown the Wikipad and it left us really impressed.

PAX Prime 2012 | PowerA Shows Off MOGA and the FUS1ON Tournament Controller

by Ben Runningson September 5, 2012
At PAX PowerA was showing off two of their new devices and we got a hands on with both of them.


KontrolFreek Launches New Signature Line Of Gamer Gear

by Logan Myeron August 22, 2012
KontrolFreek launches a new line of Signature Series Gamer Gear with a revamp of a popular product.