Yet Another PS4 Controller Picture Surfaces

Yesterday, Darrin brought you our first look at what could be the new PlayStation 4 controller. Today, we’ve got another picture for you.Seems as though these pictures are surfacing out of thin air right? Wrong. We’re about a week away from Sony’s big reveal, and history does indeed repeat itself as it was a few weeks before the PS3 was announced that we started seeing images of prototype consoles and controllers. If history does repeat itself though, the new PS4 Controller will look nothing like this, and rightly so, as it looks like a shoddy effort at combining a slew of new ideas with an old and outdated controller model.

Hey, for more speculation concerning the PS4 controller, you can swing by The Game Fanatics Show on YouTube, @RyCayari and I talk about what we’d like in our dream console, and I let Sony know why their marketing sucks, because no matter how you slice it, a crying baby is not good publicity.

I doubt we’ll have to wait much longer to see whether or not these leaks are true. Sony is hosting an event February 20th and will be discussing “the future of PlayStation.” Yeah, if that’s not an event to announce the PS4, then I don’t know what is.

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