Zombii Attack launches on WiiWare

Gamers Digital in association with Motiviti have released a new zombie game via WiiWare (500 Wii points): Zombii Attack. 

Zombii Attack is an apocalyptic zombie survival game where your main weapon is a slingshot. Personally, If you told me I had to fight an angry cat with slingshot I’d laugh in your face — then I’d trip you so I could run away and the cat could have you as a distraction.

In a press release from Gamer’s Digital and Motiviti, they described the game by saying:

“We at Gamers Digital are issuing a state of emergency. All gamers should aggressively launch frenzied attacks using all environmental items and explosives at their disposal. Use destructible environments to your advantage. Upgrade ammo and defenses regularly. It is said that it is darkest before the dawn, but please keep hope alive because Dr. Zii is racing to find a cure using a very rare type of zombii that potentially harbors a cure,” said Scott Zerby, president of Gamers Digital.

Armed with a powerful slingshot, survivors must wield strategic aiming and uncompromising force in their crusade against zombii hordes through 18 mayhem filled levels using the Wii Remote™.  At shops, survivors who have executed creative kills and collected samples from rare subspecies of zombii should spend hard earned cash to upgrade arsenal and fortify defenses.

“As the Zombii Attack continues please remember that you are faced with two options, launch or lunch.  Thanks to the Unity game engine, survivors should use destructible environments, deadly anvils, heavy tires, highly-explosive z-bombs and even the undead to their strategic advantage. It is the only way to survive at this time,” said Tadej Gregorcic, CTO of the development studio Motiviti.

That sounds like fun… But then I got to digging and I felt sad.

So, this isn’t a Bart Simpson or even David type sling shot, this is a very large stationary, MythBusters style slingshot.

Um, why? How is it transported from level to level? Who took the time to build it? Why would they take the time to build it? Really, this is the best they could come up with?

But, the number one weird thing about this game is that I can’t find info about it on the creator’s website… That’s a good sign, surely.

I did find an illustrative video in the internet tubes though! Prepare to be amazed:

And pictures:

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