XBox One Brings New Features in Latest Update

Xbox One

A brand new update has arrived to Xbox One and Microsoft has injected a whole lot of new features. This one “is all about addressing feedback from the community,” they have said through Xbox Wire. And it does feel that way indeed.

First of these additions improves club’s profile pics and backgrounds and adds more customization opportunities. Starting this month, you can now upload a pic or photo from your PC, console or phone for your Gamerpic. You can also tweak and adjust your club’s profile pic or background to personalize. As always, make sure you follow the Xbox Live Code of Conduct or else your pictures will probably get removed in no time.

Xbox One

XBox One Goes into Co-Streaming

Another popular feature is the introduction of co-streaming. It basically enables you and up to three friends to join a single live streaming broadcast. This multi-view experience happens through Mixer and the whole invitation process is fairly easy. On top of that, a new “Mixer” tab can be found in your Club home page, allowing you to see if any of your Club members are actively live streaming.

Xbox One

This update also allows you to link your player preferences to a single controller. Meaning that, as soon as you switch that controller on, your account will automatically log on.

Last but not least, the new Arena options for Killer Instinct make it very easy to arrange and launch your own tournament. Everything happens from your chosen Club’s lobby, from creating your own competition with its own set of rules to having a clear overview of what other tournaments are there and who’s streaming them.

Any Xbox One users in the house? How do you feel about the latest update? Are you planning to take advantage of that co-streaming feature? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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