World of Warcraft Review | From Azeroth to Nostalgia

World of Warcraft Review | From Azeroth to Nostalgia

World of Warcraft is the type of game you can get lost in. It is an intimidating world, filled with brutal enemies and a vast array of landscapes.

Unless you’re an orc, then you have a vast array of blandness for the first 30 or so levels.

Regardless, Blizzard has created an online game that transcends the genre. The sheer amount of content finds a way to simultaneously overwhelm the player while still be inviting. I can’t stress this enough; there’s a lot to do. Considering the numerous content patches (over ten!) since launch, that list keeps on growing and growing with no end in sight. The addition of raids and battlegrounds, offering enough content for everyone to get a taste of the “high life” while still keeping the elite gear out of grasp from those that are not worthy, drive the player base to be better.

This is an asboultely massive and engrossing game. Heck, it’s almost as if the base world of Azeroth is getting too big…

Here Comes the Burning Legion

…but never fear, because we’re going to Outland! Blizzard has begun to dive into a list of beloved characters from Warcraft’s lore and brought them into their online game. The result is pure bliss. The challenge is relentless, the new raiding formats makes thing more accessible, and Outland is a world straight out of our dreams.

Or nightmares, depending on which zone you’re in.

If you thought that there was too much content in the base game, think again. Blizzard has managed to up the ante and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for when we go to…

The North Remembers



…wait, what? What the heck is?

I mean, it’s kind of cool that there’s this new feature that allows players to queue for a dungeon without spamming in cities, but why am I being yelled at for not having “good enough gear?” Can’t they see that this is my third alt character and my mains have progressed through the silly nonsense that is the convoluted hard modes in Ulduar? I’m bored to death of grinding Trial of the Crusader over and over again as a healer. I just want to punch things in the face.

World of Warcraft Review | From Azeroth to Nostalgia

Icecrown Citadel was at least pretty cool, hopefully when Deathwing comes around things will…

The Volanco Erupts

Well that was fun for a month. The Catacyslm expansion finds a way for World of Warcraft to be both challenging and an absolute joke at the same time. Ultimately, though, the hardest part about this entire experience is the fact that your eyes will bleed for seeing so many shades of red in your end game experience.

This also marks a dangerous time for the game. End-game content is being cut. Diversity in your raiding options is starting to become less and less prevalent. Everybody is walking around with the same gear. There’s no more special feeling for busting your rear anymore, no more jealousy driving you to be better than that rando in Orgrimmar. Thankfully with the upcoming expansion, things surely can…

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting


The story in Mists of Pandaria is pretty awesome, but there’s just something missing from the bigger picture. Challenge modes are a great blast from the past, but if I want the best gear, I need to zerg my way through the content until my fingers go numb. Eventually by then, I’ll get the gear I need, the bosses we’re stuck on will fall, and I’ll “beat” the game, along with millions upon millions of other people.

Man, the past was so much better. Sure, the game was dated and all of the handy features other MMOs inexpicably don’t launch with weren’t present in vanilla, but man that was the best. Let’s go back in time to…

88 MPH

…I guess we’re literally going back in time. Warlords of Draenor is ultimately a nostalgic trip. One part “remember this characters from the old Warcraft games,” one part Farmville, Warlords is a fantastic concept with a promising start that ultimately has gone awry. There’s so many different raiding options now that all that differs is internet bragging rights.

I’m done, but maybe if the next expansion can provide…

Black Temple Was Merely A Setback

…I’ll just spend my money on Magic: the Gathering instead. The cardboard cocaine is stronger than the digital variety.

In an unrelated conclusion, April Fools day is a fun little holiday. Go Orcs!

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