Work Continues on Star Wars: Battlefront III Predecessor

If you’re hungry for a sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront II, you’re apparently in luck. Speaking to an anonymous source that seems to have knowledge of the inner workings of LucasArts, Kotaku found out that an upcoming Star Wars First-Person-Shooter game will act as a “proof of concept” for Star Wars: Battlefront III.

In case you missed it, the last entry in the Star Wars-meets-Battlefield series was a critical and consumer success, and a sequel that many were demanding was shut down at the last moment by LucasArts themselves… but now hope lives anew in Star Wars: First Assault, which Kotaku says features “no vehicles, nor are there Jedi,” but is “almost done,” and, the most exciting part:

“This game is a downloadable “predecessor” to Battlefront III—part of the studio’s strategy to show that there’s a market for Star Wars shooters running on the Unreal Engine.”

There are some hiccups, though. It was set to debut this Spring on Xbox Live, but Disney‘s purchase of all Star Wars properties late last year has thrown the game’s release into some uncertainty; Kotaku‘s source says that the developers aren’t even sure the game will be released at all.

After all that Star Wars: Battlefront fans have been through, we must now trust in the Force. Hopefully the “House of Mouse” can bring about A New Hope, rather than make us continue to wait for the Return of the Jedi.

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