Watch: Slime-san Trailer

Slime-san in action

Jump, slide and slime your way through the world in Slime-san

The newest game from developer Fabraz and publisher Headup Games, Slime-san is getting closer to its April release date. If you haven’t heard of the ultra fast-paced, twitch inspiring platformer before, take a couple of minutes to check out the trailer and see the title in action.

The gameplay appears very reminiscent of the ever popular Super Meat Boy.  With that said, Slime-san is its own game and stands on a very strong list of features. Among these is a stellar soundtrack composed by over ten people features 20 tracks by some well-known chiptune artists.

With 100 levels, a newgame+ mode, competitive multiplayer, online ranking, and modes and shaders to unlock, the game looks to occupy hundreds of hours of your free time. Those interested can check out the Steam Page, the price at release is planned to be $11.99. PS4, XBox One, and Wii U versions are also planned for some time in the future.


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