Watch: Meet Probius, Heroes Of The Storm’s Latest Hero

Heroes of the Storm dug into StarCraft once again to expand its roster, welcoming Probius to the fight. Even if only a worker, Probius is the bravest probe, invoking pillars left and right to defend the Nexus from enemies. And as we see in the short comical spoof, this Protoss unit doesn’t fear epic battle against gigantic foes… Well, maybe just a bit.

In a builder role, Probius will come in handy with its Pylons and Photon Cannons, altering the battlefield and giving some vision advantages to his team as he blocks off areas with constructions that are as practical as they are deadly.

How can a probe impact on each match? Well according to Probius’ overview, we’re not facing a common probe but a famous one that had a key part on Aiur’s capture. Let’s take a look at what this new character offers to players.

Skills and Abilities

Trait: Warp in Pylon

  • Probius warps a Pylon that generates a Power Field with additional vision in a surrounding area.
  • This hero only regenerates mana inside these fields, having up to two available.

Q: Disruption Pulse

  • Disruption Pulse fires a linear burst of energy that impacts each enemy it passes through.
  • If Probius hits a Warp Rift (W) with this ability, the warp explodes and deals extra damage.

W: Warp Rift

  • Probius opens an unstable Warp Rift on an area, slowing down enemies who walk over it.
  • Warp Rift has two available charges, with a third one unlockable through talents.

E: Photon Cannon

  • Places a Photon Cannon close to a Pylon to provide a steady high damage tower.
  • If there’s no Pylon around, the cannon deactivates.

R: Pylon Overcharge

  • The first of Probius’ ultimate abilities boosts all Pylon’s power fields and allows them to fire at enemies.
  • Pylons also receive a permanent shield that’s 50% of their health.

R: Null Gate

  • The probe’s alternative ultimate releases a dark energy wall that heavily slows down any enemy that touches it.
  • Additionally, the barrier deals per-second damage, but it’s lower than the cannon’s shots.

Mount: Worker Rush

Since Probius can’t ride a proper mount, this little hero is packed with an extra ability on his Z. With a passive 10% extra speed, and an extra 50% when activating Worker Rush, player’s will be glad to have an extra trick under their sleeves to escape tight encounters. Still, it has a 40-second cooldown, and the effect ends as soon as you receive damage, so use it wisely and time your actions.


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