Watch Dogs PreOrder Bonuses Revealed

The much anticipated Watch Dogs is finally available for pre-order and, such is the current fad, there are two places of purchase with two distinct ordering bonuses available.

Players pre-ordering Watch Dogs from GameStop in North America will receive ‘The Palace Pack’, which contains an exclusive single-player mission, an investigation bonus that unlocks more investigation opportunities within the network and an ATM hack boost to increase cash rewards when hacking into bank accounts.

GameStop pre-orderers will also gain an exclusive poster designed by esteemed comic book illustrator Alex Ross.

GameStop bonuses including exclusive mission #1
GameStop bonuses including exclusive mission… #1 customers will obtain the ‘Signature Shot Pack’ as their bonus. This pack includes a different exclusive single-player mission that upon completion unlocks the Black Viceroy’s Outfit and their gang leader’s unique Biometric Assault Rifle.

Amazon bonuses including exclusive mission A
Amazon bonuses including exclusive mission… A

Ubisoft’s new computer hacking, smart phone wielding, security systems tapping IP Watch Dogs comes out November 19 –with pre-orders accepted until the 18th– for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. The PS4 and future Xbox’s release date has yet to be announced.

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