Want To Go On a Gamer Couple Vacation? Taiwan Has Something For You!

Taiwan gaming hotel

If you and your fellow loved one are looking for an ideal gaming vacation spot, you might want to look up Taiwan.

The i hotel, located in the Taoyuan district, has decked out its rooms with two computers complete with DXRacer gaming chairs to ensure maximum comfort while gaming as a couple. The gaming rigs aren’t slouches either as they were built by ASUS with 32″ screens. If your gaming marathon has come to an end, then the room has many other amenities to keep you entertained. Each room provides a gaming break to watch various entertainment on a 46″ TV screen.

In addition to the rooms gaming perks, the main lobby features a large gaming arena for groups to play in. The gaming arena is ideal for a group of friends to enjoy a few team matches before a night out; or perhaps a drunken session after a night on the town!

Surprisingly, the nightly cost isn’t has high as one might expect. Each room average a 100$ per night. Or if you want to game with a fancy gear (and you happen to be in Taiwan), the hotel also offers hourly rates from 12$ up to 75$ for 15 hours.

Feel free to enjoy a virtual tour of the rooms on the hotel’s Facebook page.


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