Wakfu Developers Release Another Developer Diary

  • cave_dweller

    My interest has been perked

  • Cat

    This game could have been so much better.

  • ctuck

    This game could have been so much better.

  • crzyinluv

    I bought the “Color Brilliance” “Ion” permanent hair color. It comes without the creme developer. I have two bottles but they come with a highlighting kit that i had bought and I was wondering if it will work with this hair dye. My hair is light brown, almost a hint of brownish red. The hair dye I bought is darkest brown. Just want to know if the highlighting creme developer will work with it on my hair? If not what number should I get?

  • Cole

    taking hair that got highlights (using a 40 developer) down to a level 4 color. thanks!
    and how many mins suggested for the developer, thanks

  • nothin_nyce1

    If you are a web application developer, how to you spend your work day in the office?

  • clntvrrt

    Iam looking for a web developer who can work on a commission basis. I currently have over 300,000 pcs of stock to sell with more arriving on a weekly basis.

  • Victoria T

    I already have 40 cream developer and bleach powder but as I’m looking online for tips (because I know you have to use toner and neutralizers ext.) I keep coming across cream lighter and I want to know the difference, they people hair color that recommends it looks nice so I’m tempted to just buy it but money is something I don’t like to waste. I’m going platinum for the first time. 🙂