Update To inFamous 2 Hands Out Free UGC Vehicle Pack

Power and control is never a bad thing, unless it is abused and used for the wrong purposes.

inFamous 2 developer Sucker Punch has had success with the new function created in the latest sequel to the exclusive Sony PlayStation 3 console. Giving the gamers the ability to create their own levels for themselves and others to enjoy. “UGC” (short for User Generated Content), has had some 50 000 UGC levels created since the launch of the game a few months ago.

To many gamers delight, a new update has arrived giving them even more goodies to add to their levels. Sucker Punch has stated that this is the “first of many UGC updates” (now available on PSN) and includes a number of vehicles from the game’s single-player missions, such as Bertrand’s Limo, a New Marais police car and a bicycle, amongst others.

There has since been a community page on YouTube, committed to showing gamers just exactly how far they can stretch their imagination.

Thanks to CVG, you can more on this.

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