Ubisoft Reveals Trailer for RPG Child of Light

Today Ubisoft revealed a trailer for a new Japanese-style role playing game, Child of Light. This 2D side-scrolling RPG from Ubisoft Montreal is headed up by Patrick Plourde, creative director of Far Cry 3.

Child of Light is certainly a “far cry” from Ubisoft‘s AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, immersing gamers into a vivid, hand drawn-like fantasy universe. The game’s visuals engine, UBIart Framework, is the same one used in Rayman Legends, enabling Ubisoft to create striking, detailed environments in a 2D field.

Players take control of a princess named Aurora (not related to Sleeping Beauty) who, with her sidekick Igniculus, a floating spirit-like blue orb, is tasked with freeing the kingdom of Lemuria from an evil queen.

Like Japanese RPGs, Child of Light runs off a turn-based combat engine. It supports cooperative play, allowing gamers to control Igniculus and impair enemy attacks, heal party members, and discover hidden map areas & unlockables.

Ubisoft has revealed little information on the game, but looking at the trailer, it seems Aurora will have some mighty foes to vanquish…including a dragon.

Child of Light will be available on all current-gen & next-gen home consoles and PC in 2014.

You can check out the game trailer below.

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