Trials Evolution Editing Tool Ramps Up Possibilities for Player Obstacles

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Trials Evolution, the adventure-packed riding/biking follow up to award-winning Trials HD, developed and published by RedLynx.

This game footage reveals how gamers can commission the use of an exclusive editing tool that will allow them to customize their own tracks and ramps for personalized outdoor, nighttime, and multiplayer experiences. Check out how the editor works in the trailer below:

Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo is proud to make the exact program that RedLynx commissioned to build in-game challenges available to their players.

[quote]”The editor tool for players in Trials Evolution is the same tool we used to create all the tracks and all the skill games in Trials Evolution […] We did not use any other editor. This thing is a monster and the limits are not known even to us! We’re very excited to see what people will be able to create and share with the entire Trials community using this powerful tool.”[/quote]

32 video tutorials created by RedLynx are being released, a few at a time, until the game’s release in two days. A playlist for these tutorials can be found at

Trials Evolution will be available on April 18th for the purchase price of 1200 Microsoft Points. For more information about the game, such as additional features and screenshots, go to



Source: Ubisoft