Tomb Raider Sequel in the Works

We’ve assumed Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot would get a sequel and it’s now been all but announced.

Esteemed comic book writer Gail Simone –known for recent Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Birds of Prey runs—will be working on the new Tomb Raider series for their home format, but revealed a bit more.

In an interview with Kotaku, Simone was asked whether the new comic line will use the rebooted Lara Croft, and if so, when it takes place in relation to the games:

We start just a few weeks after the end of the game, and this is all in continuity, it will be Tomb Raider canon, and lead directly into the sequel. This is what got me excited; we get to be part of Lara Croft history.”

Cover Art painted by Dan dos Santos.
Cover Art painted by Dan dos Santos.

It’s just a matter of when the sequel to the hit Tomb Raider is formally announced, but don’t expect it any time soon as the first was only released in March.

For those interested in the comic book series, the darker tones of the game will carry over and will be published by Dark Horse in a partnership with Square Enix. The first issues release date has yet to be set.

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