Tokyo Game Show 2016 | Hideo Kojima Talks Death Stranding, Disses Metal Gear Survive

Death Stranding

The biggest Japanese videogame fair closes with Kojima dropping more details about Death Stranding and also commenting on the recent reveal of Konami’s Metal Gear Survive.

A few days ago we covered Kojima’s latest update on Death Stranding. The Japanese game creator mentioned that we were not going away from the Tokyo Game Show of this year without something else about it. If you were expecting a brand new trailer – well, keep on wishing and waiting. What he did reveal, however, were a few more details about his cryptic new creation.

On top of what we know (Death Stranding being an open world environment with online elements), Mr Kojima went ahead with a release date. He mentioned that it will be available before the Olympic Games of Tokyo and the release of Akira’s latest movie adaptation. Does this mean that we’ll get Death Stranding already by 2018? Possibilities are slim but for all we know, it could happen. What’s also happening is the addition of a female protagonist to accompany the game’s lead, Norman Reedus, through the game.

Death Stranding

On the other hand, Kojima did not deny nor accept the ongoing rumor that places Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen within the line-up of actors. We’ll need to wait to see whether this becomes a nice addition or a funny anecdote.

Metal Gear Survive

From Death Stranding to Metal Gear Survive

Kojima remains cheerfully controversial as he did not speak about Death Stranding only. He also ventured into commenting on Metal Gear Survive, Konami’s first title in the franchise without its creatr. The post-Kojima game, set in an alternate universe and embracing the a co-op survival genre, certainly has its own identity. According to Kojima, Metal Gear Solid is all about espionage and political factions – not zombies. With these declarations, he wants to reassure everyone that cuts run deep. He has not been involved in any way in the creation of the game and knows nothing about it.

Metal Gear Survive is coming out next year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you have not seen anything about it, check this first gameplay video. One thing is certain: winds of change are blowing for the franchise already. Will they live up to the name?

[Source: Kojima Productions Twitter Page]

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