THQ Introduces Saints Row: The Third DLC Season Pass

DLC season passes are something that is starting to catch on in the gaming industry, and it doesn’t look like this wildfire will be stopping anytime soon. THQ has today announced that they will begin selling a DLC season pass for their upcoming title Saints Row: The Third. If you’re a fan of the series this pass will definitely be for you.

If you wish to buy this new season pass THQ will begin selling them for $19.99.Your purchase of this pass will entitle you to all three Saints Row: The Third DLC mission packs, plus the Nyte Blayde vampire hunter content. All in all if you were to buy this pass you would save 15 percent over what you would spend if you purchased each piece of DLC individually. Not much information was given about the DLC, but according to Game Informer this is how THQ describes them:

Genkibowl VII (January 2012)
“The Wide World of Genki takes over Steelport for a sporting tradition totally and utterly unlike any other.”

Gangstas in Space (Winter 2012)
“The Saints go intergalactic in this science-fiction misadventure.”

The Trouble With Clones (Spring 2012)
“Copy-cat killing at its finest.”

The bonus Nyte Blayde DLC Pack (pictured in the screenshot above) includes a vampire hunting sports car, the altar boy outfit, a bloody canoness outfit, and a bloody canoness bike.

You will be able to pick up Saints Row: The Third for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC next Tuesday, November 15. For anything gaming or tech related stay tuned to The Game Fanatics.

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