Thief of Thieves Sells Out; Reprints Inbound

Robert Kirkman’s latest creation, Thief of Thieves continues to entice readers and sell out at comic book stores everywhere. Image Comics and Skybound announced today that the first issue of Thief of Thieves will be entering in its fifth printing with issue number 5 will receive its second printing.

Thief of Thieves was created by Robert Kirkman, the mastermind behind The Walking Dead and Invincible, has brought an all new cinematic take on the crime genre. Written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn Martinbrough, Thief of Thieves  follows master thief Redmond’s attempt to reclaim his life as Conrad Paulson. But he finds that crime, criminals and his past have a way of following him wherever he goes.

You can pick up your copy of Thief of Thieves fifth printing on July 11th and the fifth’s second printing on July 4th. Be on the lookout as this Kirkman-created series has recently been optioned by AMC to become a TV series.

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