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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” came out for iOS. As a big fan of the 3DS version, I decided to download the free app and try it out as well as find information about the differences between the 2.

First, the new content. The iOS version gets 9 new characters and 6 new series worth of songs which is around 7+ songs exclusive to this version. Those were things I definitely hope will come to the 3DS version as DLC. Also new is the composer mode where you can create your own note paths. That’s something I’m not really interested in.

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I tried this on my iPhone and the game works well. All the different notes function well and were recognized with no lag when hit. One issue I had with the control is when playing FMS songs (in this case “Zanarkand”). I felt I had to really move really far up or down to keep on the trail. I’m thinking it would be better played on an iPad Mini or iPad or I’m just used to the 3DS version. Plus it is nice to have a separate screen to do touch movements rather than having your hand/finger getting in the way on an iOS screen.

My main issue with the iOS version is that it’s a stripped down version of the 3DS game. I understand that it was made that way to be more mobile and for quick fixes like other mobile games (I consider the 3DS, while a portable, a more dedicated gaming device), but there’s a lot gone because of that.

No EMS songs. Maybe they will become DLC later on. No Chaos Shrine. This was replaced with Quest Mode, which is like an endurance test to see if you can last X amount of songs. No skill management. Your characters do gain levels and skills, but those skills are just gained and you have no control over what you want to have. Even the Collecta Cards are stripped down as you can only look at the front of the cards and nothing more. That’s a lot gone, but it’s meant to be more mobile and for the casual player.


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There are a couple other positives that this version has going for it. In an effort to be more social, you can link your Twitter account to the game. I linked mine and you could see tweets I made straight from the game. You can share your ProfiCard stats and your ranking grade for songs you beat. I do wish they showed more like your score, but it has to fit under 140 characters and 16 of those characters are for a hashtag and the TFF site. This works well, but it’s overall just a nice additional feature.

And the game looks great. I will say that the graphics look sharper. Not only that, the notes are easier to read. I most of the time would have problems reading some of the notes leading into a Summon, Extended Stage, or Chocobo ride, but the iOS made it easier to identify. And of course there is no 3D option for the iOS.

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And a big thing for anyone would be the cost. There’s a great article titled “How Much Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Costs…If You Buy Everything” that I will link. It lists all the details of how much you get for how much you spend. In short, everything on the iOS would cost $143.03 and everything on the 3DS would cost $81.47-$91.47 (or less depending on if you buy the game new or used). I have bought all the DLC for the 3DS version and do not want to spend more to get everything on another device. I will pay for the new extra content though if those become available for the 3DS. Check out the article here for all the details on what your money will get you.


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Keep in mind, these impressions were made by trying out the iOS demo and not going beyond that or buying any additional songs/characters. I might not be accurate in all fronts, but this is how I experienced it. I personally wouldn’t spend money on the iOS version. But I will recommend the free demo version to anyone with an iDevice and would encourage them to spend some extra money on the some extra songs if they find the game interesting. If you have a 3DS, I recommend you buy the cartridge for it and enjoy it. I encourage fans of Final Fantasy to try either version out. The iOS version is free to download with just 2 songs and the 3DS has a free download on the eShop to try out. I’m a big fan of the game and just want others to enjoy themselves and have a good time playing Theatrhythm as well.

Hey there, this is Next Jen sneaking in to briefly share my opinion of Theatrhythm, a game I wanted to buy a 3DS for. Since the release of Theatrhythm, I have not been able to purchase a 3DS, so I was greatly surprised to find out that Theatrhythm had launched for iOS devices for free. What we do pay for are extra characters and the songs that we wish to play. The iOS version comes with two songs, Zanarkand from FFX and One Winged Angel from FF7. I had the chance to try out both songs for thirty minutes on my break at work and I fell in love with it! I am not into playing video games on my phone and this is the first one that I truly enjoyed. Granted, it is a port, a water down version of the 3DS game, which could be a reason why I enjoy it so much, Theatrhythm wasn’t made as an iOS game, but as a 3DS game. Regardless, while waiting for The Hobbit to start last night, I played more of Theatrhythm and the two songs I had for it. I ended up playing from 10:45 until midnight, trying to best my score and hitting critical on all the notes. This game is a must for those who love rhythm games and the Final Fantasy aspect of it is a nice touch as well. I cannot compare it to the 3DS version but for those who do not have a 3DS, you should try this game out. You really don’t have anything to lose since it is free. I’m already planning on getting a few songs, which might end up being a lot of songs. Now I did run into a few minor issues, like my fingers being too big. I had to rely on timing instead of seeing the target in some instances. I felt I should be using a stylus instead of my fingers but after roughly twenty minutes in, it really didn’t matter. Bottom line, try this game out, especially with headphones on, which allows you to enjoy the music and playing Theatrhythm that much more.

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