The Game Fanatics Staff: Michelle Quillen

  • Jen

    I really enjoyed this interview and insight into Meech’s mind. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint. How did it feel to be on the other side?

    • Thanks Jen! It was a lot of fun because I’m completely narcissistic, haha. Brittany Deatherage actually conducted the interview *credit* and sent me questions like “If you were Mario, what would you do to keep Princess Peach in check?” I started writing a really bizzare answer until the seriousness of the gun question just made me sound like a damn lunatic. So I just picked and chose which ones I wanted to answer =P Thanks for asking.

  • BMC

    This should have been edited prior to being posted; there are grammatical errors/mistakes in it. However, it was an interesting interview.

    • I know there’s a word missing from question 4, but what other grammatical mistakes are there? I’ll let the author know. Thank you.