Telltale’s Game of Thrones Continues With the Next Episode, A Nest of Vipers

Telltale has finally announced that the fifth episode in their Game of Thrones series is coming soon by way of an official trailer.

The game will be released in the usual Telltale staggered way: Tuesday, July 21st, for PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Wednesday, July 22nd, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, Thursday, July 23rd, on iOS and Android devices.

What shampoo is Cersei using? Her hair is always on fleek.
What shampoo is Cersei using? Her hair is always on fleek.

The episode picks up with Asher ever so close to acquiring an army in the foreign lands of Essos; Gared has found himself beyond the wall searching for North Grove with winter steadily approaching; Rodrick is dealing with the creepy-ass Ramsey Snow after what transpired with Whitehill — I really hate Ramsey Snow. Like, visibly and actively hate him. Mira is in King’s Landing dealing with Cersi and Margery Tyrell after the Tommen’s coronation, and judging from the trailer Cersei has taken a liking to the way in which Mira plays the so called ‘game.’

As per usual, Telltale looks to deliver on the political madness that Game of Thrones is known for with A Nest of Vipers, which means your favorite character is probably going to die and Ramsey Snow will still be alive skinning fools like it never went out of style.

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