Telltale Believes Their Batman Could Be Their Best Yet

Batman-The Telltale Series

Telltale Games has confidence that the Batman title they are working on could be one of the best things they have ever done.

Telltale Games surprised all their fans during the Game Awards of last year announcing that it was among their plans to bring Batman to their portfolio. The studio is famous for venturing into pretty consolidated sagas and contributing to them with their personal touch, that mixture between point-and-click adventure and narrative-driven action. After successes such as The Walking Dead, Borderlands or Game of Thrones, it seems that Telltale wants to take the DC hero to the next level.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Telltale’s president Kevin Bruner has confirmed that their proposal is not like any other Batman game out there. We can expect something more to this guy than his typical “fighting in the suit” side. Or his discourse as doomed savior of Gotham City. “There’s a lot of subplots to explore and some really amazing choices that have a big impact on the story being told”, he has said. “I really think it might be the peak of the mountain for us so far”.

Batman will premiere digitally on home consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile devices at some point this year.

Telltale Games
Telltale’s portfolio has been gracefully expanding during the last years.

From Batman to Star Wars?

Telltale Games is probably living a peak Golden Age right now. From a humble start back in 2004 they are harboring more than 300 “storytellers” nowadays, who devote themselves to multiple projects and franchises at the same time. The secret to this? A conscious decision to build up the studio to handle up to four Telltale games simultaneously, with a little extra for special projects. It certainly seems that there is always something for every taste out there, regardless of how familiar you are with the universe they are portraying.

But beyond internal coordination, the key to Telltale Games is that they have managed to create a style of their own. They have managed as well to lay some precedents that have been adapted by multitude of other titles out there, from the episodic nature of their releases to core gameplay elements. The power of decision-making, interactivity and the emphasis in story and character development have granted them a special place in the gaming world of today. Telltale has created, and still does, memorable moments that endure and stir players. Their contributions to modern franchises of today are everything but superfluous.

Regarding the actual possibility of expanding horizons and add new titles, Kevin Bruner confesses he would personally love to make a Star Wars game. “And Bond. James Bond would be freaking awesome. And Fletch. And Chinatown. Oh, and the Shining”, he adds.

Next titles in the pipeline for Telltale? Batman, Marvel, Game Of Thrones Season Two and Walking Dead Season Three. And like the zombies of the latter, they keep coming.

Source: Kotaku

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