Tazti Brings Voice Recognition to PC Games

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  • Mgoller

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by our booth at PAX and thanks for the kind words. It was great meeting you!

    Stuart & Michael
    tazti Speech Recognition

  • Jack Muhlenbruck

    Searching to play and network with individuals in my place that play planet of warcraft.

  • Maddi Carr

    ok i content and all set to play globe of war craft then it just goes a blank screen what ought to i do please help

  • Roslyn Pasley

    I’m bored, broke, and it’s Summer. Any sick games?!?!?! I haven’t heard much 2012. Any responses are appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  • xiM Clutch

    Would i have to pay a monthly subscription for these games either World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade or World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

  • The Inc

    Hi, I have a PC which has pretty decent features, however it is saturated with unnecessary files which have been piled up throughout the past years. I know I can format it and install Windows 7 from a disc, but is there a way to do this for free. I mean obtaining Windows 7, Windows XP or any OS which would work on a PC which previously hosted a Windows XP OS for free.

  • Ramblin Spirit

    Im getting a Β£2500 gaming pc for christmas. Ive got the sims 3 on my xbox and i love it but it does feel like it would be better on pc, however if there isnt to many differences i will not buy it (it also is pretty expensive for a 2 year old pc game). So what are the differences?

  • diggn4richez

    I want to buy one time World of Warcraft license.
    Do I need to buy pre-paid time cards like this one –
    to keep playing it?

  • Milk84

    I have a level 80 shaman in world of warcraft but he is poor : /
    Anyone have any suggestions on how to make gold?