Yakuza Kiwami Review | Welcome to Kamurocho

Yakuza Kiwami is an uncanny game. The look and feel of something new with the content of something old. Looking past the gray hairs, there’s something special to play.

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Yakuza 0 Review | Welcome to The Glamorous Life

The latest entry to release outside of Japan, Yakuza 0, is a prequel to the entire series involving mainstays Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. So how does the game fare? Find out in our Yakuza 0 Review!

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Get The Business In The New Yakuza 0 Trailer

The prequel to SEGA’s Yakuza series won’t be out until January 2017. To further drum up excitement for Yakuza 0, SEGA has announced a special retail edition and released a new trailer for the hungry fans.

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Five Games Worthy Of A Remaster (Part 2) | Fanatical Five

Hello again! I’m back again with another grouping of titles I wish would get the remaster transport to this generation of consoles!

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Yakuza 0 Slated For Early 2017 Launch on PlayStation 4

Confirmation regarding the prequel to the Yakuza series has just arrived from SEGA earlier this week. Yakuza 0 is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 console early 2017.

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Watch 17 Minutes of the Yakuza 5 Demo Gameplay

More video of Sega’s upcoming open-world action-adventure game, Yakuza 5. This time it’s a 17 minute gameplay demo of the Japanese version of Yakuza 5.

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Yakuza Creator’s Working On Next Game Called Binary Domain

Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball, along with his team will call their next game Binary Domain for PS3 and 360, according …

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New Details on Yakuza: Of the End Revealed

Many are wondering what they were looking at when they seen zombies and shots of characters from Yakuza. Well wait no more as details have …

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Yakuza goes Resident Evil

Yakuza: Of the End has been announced and it’s a zombie-shooting Resident Evil-style revamp of the Japanese open-world series that fans adore. So as the …

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