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EA Closes Down Visceral Games

Saw news ahead. Electronic Arts announced they are closing down Visceral Games and moving their Star Wars project to EA Toronto.

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The Star Wars from Visceral Games Distances Itself from Uncharted

In a recent interview, video game director Amy Hennig delves into Visceral Games’ mysterious “Star Wars” game.

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Hennig Star Wars Planet

Amy Hennig Hints at New Star Wars Game Details

Amy Hennig has spoken for the first time publicly about the Star Wars game she is currently working on at Visceral Games.

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Battlefield: Hardline Beta Goes Live on PC

PC fans who have been heavily excited since the E3 2014 unveiling of Battlefield: Hardline–a Visceral Games and Electronic Arts collaborative project that expands on …

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Uncharted Writer, Director Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games

Amy Hennig, one of gaming’s most distinguished writers and Creative Director of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted trilogy, has jumped to EA’s Visceral Games to work on …

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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Blockbuster Trailer

Visceral Games, creators behind Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel released an exciting new trailer for the latest installment in the Army of Two franchise. Dubbed as the “Blockbuster Trailer“, …

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Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC Announced for March

Visceral Games has announced DLC to be released this March for Dead Space 3. 

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ASTRO Gaming To Release Special Edition Dead Space 3 A30 And A40 Headsets

Dead Space 3 is getting it’s own Special Edition ASTRO Gaming headsets to celebrate its release.

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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Trailer

Visceral Games’ Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel has a new trailer called Lethal Cartel.  The trailer shows off the usual gameplay footage and explosions required by unwritten …

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New Army of Two Game has Release Date and Pre-Order Details

Along with a final release date, pre-order details for the new Army of Two game have been announced.

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Dead Space 3 | Yes, its Still Terrifying (New Screens)

We learned at E3 this year that Dead Space 3 is introducing drop-in/drop-out co-op. Here’s some new screens to show there’s enough scares to go …

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New Dead Space 3 Details Revealed Next Month?

PLAY Magazine have dropped a hint that next month’s issue may have some details on the upcoming survival-horror sequel, Dead Space 3.

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Lockout, a Sci-Fi Thriller We're Really Excited for, and Here's Why

Film District sent us the official trailer for their upcoming movie, Lockout, a fast-action sci-fi movie from the producers of Taken. As we played the …

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