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The Dark Message of Far Cry 5’s Ending

During all the discussion surrounding Far Cry 5, one part that rarely gets a mention is the ending. And it’s dark harsh message.

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Far Cry 5 Poster

Far Cry 5 Review | Midwest Mayhem

Far Cry 5 makes crucial and welcome changes to the series’ formula, but stumbles over itself when it tries being topical.

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For Honor Review | Feel The Blade

With a brand new combat system and engaging world, For Honor is shaping up to be a redefinition of 3D fighters. Check out our review here!

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For Honor PC Specs Unveiled. Can Your PC Run the Game?

With the game’s release a few weeks away, For Honor’s PC specs have been unveiled by Ubisoft. See if your PC can run the game.

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Watch Dogs 2 Review | Just Living in A Hackers Paradise

Watch Dogs 2 forms its own identity while keeping the spirit of series intact delivering a digital world that’s much more that just a fantasy.

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Far Cry: Primal Hands-On | Calling All Beast Masters

Having had the recent opportunity with a hands-on preview of Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry title, my time with Far Cry: Primal was well spent; beautiful, captivating, enjoyable, and intriguing.

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Rainbow Six: Siege "Tools of Attack" Video Trains Our Tactical Minds

Ubisoft has released a short, informative video covering the tactical gadgets and strategies that will be used in Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming first-person shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. 

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Ubisoft Announces Uplay Passport

Remember EA’s online pass? THQ’s online pass in Homefront? Mortal Kombat’s Kombat Pass? The PSN Pass announcement? Well now get ready to enter 25 digit …

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Patch Coming

Updates are coming for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood an email from Ubisoft reported earlier this week. The update should spur stalled multiplayer matchmaking, restore PlayStation 3 …

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