The Final Production Blog for The Hobbit is Here

It feels like only yesterday when I stumbled across these production blogs for The Hobbit and now they’re coming to an end. I really don’t …

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Artist Ralph McQuarrie Leaves a Legacy at Age 82

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist and Designer Ralph McQuarrie, known for his contribution to the Star Wars Trilogy, Cocoon, E.T., Batteries Not Included, and Battlestar Galactica, has passed …

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New Jak and Daxter Trilogy Screens Make Old Look (Sort of) New

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy is the latest in a growing catalogue of HD rebuffs from Sony, so naturally, they’ve decided to release a handful …

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Jak and Daxter Collection Announced, Coming February 2012

The Jak and Daxter Collection has been officially confirmed and announced thanks to an article posted on the PlayStation Blog. The Jak and Daxter Collection will feature three of the …

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The man behind the world's first indie AAA title (Interview)

Recently we brought you a story about an indie studio that was working hard to launch the world’s first fully independent AAA title. I had …

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