Halo 4 Will Come to the Xbox 360, Not the Next Gen Console

Since the reveal trailer at E3 this year there’s been a lot of speculation about which console Halo 4 would be debuting on. The lack …

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Macken Movie Update – Dark Knight Rises: Poster & Teaser Arises [UPDATE]

Where my Bane at? The Third & Final Nolan batman is well into its production stage, and there has been a sturdy flow of rumours …

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Macken Movie Update – The Three Stooges

“Why I oughta…” “Eeeb-eeeb-eeeb-eeeb!” The Three Stooges is known as a Classic comedy, one that has survived the ages. Unfortunately when the The Farrelly brothers …

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Macken Movie Update – Total Recall Remake

If I am not me, then who the hell am I? The Buzz for the Total Recall remake has just jumped up a whole notch, …

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Rumour: PSP2 Graphics Compared To Older PS3 Games

With word of the impending PSP2 coming sometime next year, the rumour mill has been moving at a faster pace now that we are weeks …

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