Announcement Trailer for Resident Evil: Damnation Released

If there is one thing I love it’s CG movies based off video games, and Capcom plans on delivering that sweet goodness to us all …

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Resident Evil 6 News Extravaganza

In what has to be the equivalent of a megaton bomb, Capcom has released a flurry of screenshots and videos of Resident Evil 6. They’ve …

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Capcom Confirms New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Heroes Mode

Today Capcom confirmed one of the new multiplayer modes for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City called Heroes Mode. In Heroes Mode, players will be competing …

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Go buy yourself something nice!

Fun, kitsch, obscure, awesome. Products based on video games that don’t try too hard or appeal to the hipster masses. Everyone (even your mom) knows …

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