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Crucial Announces New Line of Affordable SSD’s

When Solid State Drives (SSD’s) first appeared on the market they were outrageously expensive. A simple 60 GB SSD could cost you nearly $200 USD. But as time marched …

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Crucial Ballistix Sport, Tactical, and Elite Memory Take Advantage of Micron’s Latest 4Gb DRAM Innovations

Crucial, a leading global brand of memory and storage upgrades, today announced the immediate availability of 8GB DDR3 memory modules across the Crucial Ballistix Sport, …

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ASUS Reveals Complete Lineup Of Intel® X79 Express Chipset Motherboards

ASUS, the world’s leading motherboard maker, is excited to release a complete roster of Intel® X79 Express Chipset-based motherboards with the new LGA 2011 The …

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