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ARG Zombies, GPS Alternate Reality Game, Is Looking For A Kickstart

Well here’s an interesting idea. Tando Productions LLC is prepping to begin their Kickstarter page for their upcoming GPS based game, Arg Zombies. On March …

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Fourteenth Annual DICE Winners

The fourteen annual DICE awards have come and gone and we have the list of winners for you. Looks like Mass Effect came out a …

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Post-Apocalyptic Earthrise MMORPG to Release February 4

Heads up, MMO fans: the genre is set to go apocalyptic in a big way. Post-apocalyptic, that is. Independent MMO developer Masthead Studios announced Tuesday …

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Rumor: Kinect coming to the PC

A Korean developer has told IncGamers that Microsoft is definitely bringing Kinect to PC, confirming its latest online title will feature support for the device. …

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Massive Attack: Blizzard's Next-Gen MMO Rumour Roundup

With the dust from BlizzCon well and truly settled, it’s time to start picking apart the soundbites, trawling through the interviews, and applying unhealthy amounts of speculation to the remains. Massive Attack digs deeper than…

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