Harvest — The Doctor Will See You on August 2012

Harvest, new from Image Comics will come out in a five part series starting on August 2012.

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RAGE Would Like To Immerse You In Their World

Three of my favorite things are synergizing into one awesome immersion situation: Books, video games, and the apocalypse. “RAGE” publisher Bethesda Softworks® has teamed up with Del Ray Books and …

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One Man's Trash…

… is another man’s treasure. The trash in this instance is the Borders franchise, an the treasure is Books on Sale! So, even though society …

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Indie Trial Worth Trying: Decay – Part 3 by Shining Gate Software

“Decay – Part 3″ is listed as Action & Adventure, not to be confused with an Action-Adventure game. It is an interactive story mystery game. …

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Gears Of War: Anvil Gate Novel Releasing August 31st

Even though reports say otherwise, people still love to read, whether its magazines and in this case novels. Are you curious about the events that …

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